Accessing Switch through Telnet

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  1. Direct Access through Console port
  2. Access through LAN by Telnet
  3. SSH (source socket shell)application

Step2. Access through Telnet


  • To access the IOS of switch from LAN
  • Privilege and virtual terminal password is must.

Then do the configuration as

  • Switch>enable
  • Switch# conf terminal
  • Switch(configure)# interface vlan 1
  • Switch(configure-if)# ip address
  • Ä  Switch(configure-if)# no shut
  • Switch(configure-if)#exit

Now go to the client computer and do as. Start—-run— give the CMD in run

  • C:/> telnet and press enter
  • It prompt for vty password then
  • Switch> enable
  • Now it will prompt for console password give it and it will enter to privilege mode as
  • Switch#
  • Switch# configure terminal ( for configuration on switch by virtual terminal)

Swtich Port Status


MAC Address Table:

For showing MAC address table as

  •  Switch# Show mac-add-table

And to show the aging time of the mac-add-table as

  • Switch# Show mac-add-table aging-time

Requirement for entering addresses statically to MAC address table

MAC address of the computer

  • Port no of that computer is to be used
  • Switch> enable
  • Switch# configure terminal
  • Switch(configure)# mac-add-table static 0052.45b5.2g52(mac address)  int fa 0/1(port no) vlan 1
  • If we want that to take the mac address automatically we use the work “sticky” for mac address as
  • Switch(configure)# mac-add-table static sticky int fa 0/1 vlan 1

If we want to remove it from table as

  • Switch(configure)# no mac-add-table static 0052.45b5.2g52 int fa 0/1 vlan 1 and save it as
  • Switch# write mem


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