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Accessing Switch through Telnet

in Networking Notes on May 21, 2013
  1. Direct Access through Console port
  2. Access through LAN by Telnet
  3. SSH (source socket shell)application

Step2. Access through Telnet


  • To access the IOS of switch from LAN
  • Privilege and virtual terminal password is must.

Then do the configuration as

  • Switch>enable
  • Switch# conf terminal
  • Switch(configure)# interface vlan 1
  • Switch(configure-if)# ip address
  • Ä  Switch(configure-if)# no shut
  • Switch(configure-if)#exit

Now go to the client computer and do as. Start—-run— give the CMD in run

  • C:/> telnet and press enter
  • It prompt for vty password then
  • Switch> enable
  • Now it will prompt for console password give it and it will enter to privilege mode as
  • Switch#
  • Switch# configure terminal ( for configuration on switch by virtual terminal)

Swtich Port Status


MAC Address Table:

For showing MAC address table as

  •  Switch# Show mac-add-table

And to show the aging time of the mac-add-table as

  • Switch# Show mac-add-table aging-time

Requirement for entering addresses statically to MAC address table

MAC address of the computer

  • Port no of that computer is to be used
  • Switch> enable
  • Switch# configure terminal
  • Switch(configure)# mac-add-table static 0052.45b5.2g52(mac address)  int fa 0/1(port no) vlan 1
  • If we want that to take the mac address automatically we use the work “sticky” for mac address as
  • Switch(configure)# mac-add-table static sticky int fa 0/1 vlan 1

If we want to remove it from table as

  • Switch(configure)# no mac-add-table static 0052.45b5.2g52 int fa 0/1 vlan 1 and save it as
  • Switch# write mem


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