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Ciscoforall.com (further mentioned as the “Company”, “we”, “our”, “ours” and “ourselves”) manages the website under the name ciscoforall which web address is https://www.ciscoforall.com (further mentioned as the “Website”). The information provided below, clarifies the legal agreement between the Company and you (further mentioned as the “User”, “he/she”, “his/her”, “him/her”, “one”).

These Terms of Use must be read carefully as this is the way the User can work with the Website, access the information published at the Website and any pages of the Website, our official social media accounts or all other products and services provided by the Company. These Terms of Use is designed for all users irrespective of the fact whether they get access to the Website as a registered user or a guest.

The User completely accepts and agrees with these Terms of Use while visiting the Website and its subsidiary pages. All payment transactions made through any of the Website’s pages of the Website are subject of these Terms of Use as well. If the User does not agree with any of these Terms of Use, he/she should not use the Website and any of products and services offered at the Website.


Common Terms of Use

Website Usage

You accept and agree to the following Common Terms of Use, completely, in letter and spirit immediately by accessing the Website and any/all of its related subsidiary pages. You will also be informed about other special or additional Terms of Use before you make any purchases from or through this Website.

All information and material on the Website or social media pages is posted for informational reasons only and do not account for professional, legal or financial advice of any kind possible, hence it should not be relied upon in any circumstances as such. In cases where you require professional advice, you are hereby requested to contact and consult a party qualified in such affairs before taking action in the light of the information provided therein, or buying any products or services which may be available on or from this Website.

The Website provides users the permission to download files from the Website without any restrictions.

You also agree to fact that any comments that you post on the Website or on any of our social media pages will be visible to the public, and that we will have no responsibility or control over or liable for any use of the information that is done by any third party who views the comments that you may have posted.

Third-Party Websites and Services Links

The Website’s content can contains banners, links and buttons which redirect the User to other websites or third-party resources related to the user’s interest. It is not advised to use or buy any third-party services or products. These links are only there for additional information. Also, it should be noted that if any link makes its way to our Website, it most certainly does not mean that we endorse the source website.

You are to use the links provided at our Website on your own risk. Our Terms of Use are not applied on links to other websites or third-party resources. It is advised that you go through the Terms of Use of the respective link before making any move.

It is to be noted that the linked websites are out of our control and it is not our responsibility to check the content of these websites. If your privacy is compromised on any of these links that we do not accept any responsibility, nor are we responsible for any sort of transmission received from any of the provided links.

Changes and Updates to the Website

We are responsible for the reliability and the accuracy of the Website content and the information that is displayed on the Website. However, it is not guaranteed that the information that you see on the Website is always accurate and complete. We continuously update the Website’s content whenever we see fit so that the authenticity is not compromised. It should be noted that we do not make any undertakings of the nature of the information and content on the Website.

We can also make changes and adjustments to the current Terms of Use at any time. Your use of services and products will also be subject to change after the Terms of Use are altered. It is your duty as the user to check for changes in the Terms of Use every now and again or when you are purchasing a service or product from the Website.

We will make all necessary efforts to make sure that the Website is up to date at all times. In order to this we have the right to remove or change any part of the Website at any given time without a notice. If you accept our Terms of Use then we will not be liable to you if any part of the Website is changed or removed completely.

Exclusion of Liability to You from the Use of the Website

Any liability that you may bear during the use of the Website due to negligence or any reason whatsoever is excluded to the full extent as permitted by law.

There is no warranty or guarantee that the functionality of the Website will remain error free or uninterrupted.

The website is provided without any endorsements on an “AS AVAILABLE” and “AS IS” and there is no warranty of any kind.

Copyright and Trade Marks

The user is permitted to copy, print or view files and images from the Website for personal use, however the rights will remain with the Company.

Everything that you see on the Website including images, layouts, templates and texts all belong to the Company. Things provided by third-parties do not fall into this category.

All kinds of trademarks, company names and logos, all belong to the rightful owners.

Anything that does not belong to the company like design, graphics and more all belong to the owners.

If you purchase a service or product, then you can use it to the extent that you are permitted to. You are not allowed to sell anything that you find from the Website.

Data Protection and Privacy

We agree to make sure that none of your data is available to any third-party without your consent. Your privacy and protection is our top priority.

After the initial registration, you have the right to change or update any part of your personal information at any time on the Website.

For better security and confidentiality, read our detailed Privacy Policy to learn more about how to protect your personal information.


If there is any conflict between the Common Terms of Use and the Particular Terms of Use then it is to be noted that the Particular Terms of Use shall be considered and taken into account.

If in any case it is found that the Common Terms of Use are invalid or unlawful then that particular clause shall be removed. This removal shall not affect any of the other clauses.

Any person who is not a direct part of an agreement under the given Common Terms of Use shall not have the right to enforce any clause of the agreement.


Description of Services and Products

Products and services refer to all digital learning materials offered at this Website (hereinafter referred to as the “Products”).

Under these Particular Terms of Use, we hereby grant you a non-transferable, non-exclusive rights to use and access the Products according to the Particular Terms of Use. Bear in mind, these rights can not be sold or transfer. We shall retain all title, interest and right in the Products, with the inclusion of all intellectual properties embodied therein. Additionally, all the materials including trade names, service marks and trademarks are exclusively our property. These Particular Terms of Use clearly lay out that you do not have any rights, implied or expressed, pertaining to the Products except for those that have been mentioned in the Particular Terms of Use. To the extent as laid out by applicable law, you may not permit any other person or entity, or of your own self lease, redistribute or sublicense any part of the Products; or remake, duplicate, reproduce, resell, trade or exploit for any commercial purpose, any part or use of or access to the Products; or decompile, modify, disassemble, translate, reverse engineer or make an effort to reveal or discover the Products’ source code or create other works from the the Products that are derivative in nature; retransmit, reproduce, store, copy, distribute, capture and burn to cd any copyrighted content that you receive or have access to when using the Products. You are held responsible for the liability and risk of such kinds of prohibited and forbidden uses of copyright material.

The Company makes continuous efforts to improvise on the current products and services to bring maximum benefit to users. Hence, you will be given access rights to receive the latest features and updates that are made to the Products as we, on our sole discretion, make available the features during the service period. To perform the Products optimization at times we may, (i) limit the availability of the Products, at any time without or with notice, for maintenance purposes, or (ii) Remove, add or modify the features of the Products. It is recommended that your frequently go through the Terms of Use in order to keep up with any changes we make to the Terms of Use. It will be considered that you have accepted any changes to the Terms of Use if you continue to use the Products even after updates had been made to the Terms of Use. Update notices will be posted on our Website and it will considered that it has been posted to you once it is uploaded on the Website.

Changes & Updates of the Website

The Company bears all responsibility for reliability and correctness of any data published at the Website. Nevertheless, we cannot guarantee that the published information is always correct and reliable because we update the content at the Website every time when we find it is necessary in order to make it as authentic as possible. It should be noted that we do not undertake any obligations regarding the nature of the information and content at the Website.

We can make changes to the current Terms of Use at any time. Therefore, the User’s access to product(s) and/or service(s) will be changed as well. Whenever he/she purchases product(s) and/or service(s) at the Website, it is the User’s duty as a customer to check it out.

We will make every effort to ensure the relevance of the Website. Therefore, we have the right to remove or change any part of the Website at any time without prior notice. If the User accepts our Terms of Use, we are not responsible to him/her if any part of the Website is completely changed or deleted.


Please contact us directly in case where you need to request a refund, or cancel order, or for withdrawal or for exchange or return of the purchased Products, or for any other questions or queries.

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