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What are deference between bandwidth and speed

in blog on May 3, 2018

Bandwidth is the amount of Data and speed is the rate the bandwidth is transferred.

To understand this, let us take one example.
Let us assume You have a company ABC with 5 users.
You have taken beam ISP (internet) 5mbps line.
Here 5mbps is the fixed speed provided by beam to you, which is nothing but we say it as “Bandwidth”.
Your company have 5users right, and all are connected to same network.
Hear each user will get 1mbps speed, this we can say as speed.
Hope now you understood the difference between bandwidth and speed.


Bandwidth= width of the road. Speed = is how fast you can travel.

In terms of roads, bandwidth is how wide the road is for vehicles to move, and speed is how fast the vehicle can move


Speed is the rate the card interface put data in the link, bandwidth is the real amount of traffic u are allowed to put in the media, so u can have an Ethernet link to your service provider with speed 100 Mbps, but u just bought 30Mbps with ur provider, that is the bandwidth.

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