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PMP Project Management Professional

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PMP Project Management Professional latest updated exam questions and answers for candidates to study and pass exams fast. PMPm dumps are frequently updated and reviewed for passing the exams quickly and hassle-free! You can pass your N10-006 CompTIA Exam Fast by using PDF which is more comfortable and economical way to pass the exam.

Exam Code: PMP
Exam Name: Project Management Professional


Which process involves developing an approximation of the monetary resources needed to complete project activities?

A. Estimate Costs
B. Control Costs
C. Determine Budget
D. Plan Cost Management

Correct Answer: A


The component of the human resource management plan that includes ways in which team members can obtain certifications that support their ability
to benefit the project is known as:

A. recognition and rewards
B. compliance
C. staff acquisition
D. training needs

Correct Answer: D


Project Stakeholder Management focuses on:
A. project staff assignments
B. project team acquisition
C. managing conflicting interests
D. communication methods

Correct Answer: C


The creation of an internet site to engage stakeholders on a project is an example of which type of communication?
A. Push
B. Pull
C. Interactive
D. Iterative

Correct Answer: B


A risk register that is part of the project management plan on a project would be viewed as what type of communication?
A. Formal written
B. Formal
C. Verbal
D. Contract

Correct Answer: A


You are in the process of purchasing 67 desktop computers, monitors, and a standard desktop software package for an upcoming project. What type of
contract will you likely use?
A. Purchase order
B. Fixed-price
C. Cost-plus-percentage of cost
D. Net 30

Correct Answer: A


On the electric company project the government implemented a regulatory change associated with the electricity sub-station upgrade project that
required the company to spend an additional $400,000 US on the project. This type of cost and activity best relates to which of the following?

A. Known unknowns
B. Unknown unknowns
C. Management reserve
D. Risk management

Correct Answer: B


The company is in the testing phase of its project. It is tracking defects that come in from customers who are testing the project. Given the nature of a
new project, they have a variety of defects that are being discovered. Organizing and prioritizing the defects is becoming a challenge.
What would help them organize this better?

A. Pareto diagram
B. Flowchart
C. Ishikawa diagram
D. Fishbone diagram

Correct Answer: A


All of the following could be considered functions of the GERT diagramming method except?
A. Some activities may be performed only in part
B. Some activities may be fast tracked
C. Some activities may be performed more than once
D. Some activities may not be performed

Correct Answer: B


You are the finance controller with your company. Your job is to analyze projects when they close. This could be the result of when a project is
complete or by any other means. When would you expect to close a project?

A. When a project is canceled
B. When a project runs out of money
C. When a project completes Scope Verification
D. All of the answers
Correct Answer: D


The company is implementing a new project management approach. In the past, their projects have been disorganized, not in alignment with business
goals, and not focused on interactivity between the projects where applicable. They want to have a better focus on grouping related projects together
by business unit and product lines. Which of the following best describe what they are trying to accomplish?

A. Project management
B. Operations management
C. Management by objectives
D. Portfolio management
Correct Answer: D
Section: Mix Questions


A number of factors affect make-or-buy decisions such as______________
A. Desired level of quality
B. Risk-related contract decisions
C. Value delivered by vendors meeting the needs
D. Performance data

Correct Answer: C


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Exam Code: PMP
Exam Name: Project Management Professional

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