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Method of Accessing Switch IOS

  1. Direct Access through Console port
  2. Access through LAN by Telnet
  3. SSH (source socket shell)application


Step1. Direct access through console port

  • After physical connectivity
  • ¬†Open hyper terminal application as, start—programs—accessories—-¬†¬† communication—-Hyper terminal.
  • Give any name to the session
  • Select 9600 speed
  • Select COM port either COM-I or COM-II (this will open commend line¬†

Host Name Configuration:

  • ¬†Switch> enable
  • ¬†Switch# config t
  • ¬†Switch(config)# hostname inam
  • ¬†Inam(config)# exit
  • ¬†Inam#

To Set system Clock, Date and Time on Switch or Router:

  • ¬†Router>enable
  • ¬†Router# clock set 08:50:25 2 Dec 2008

How give password to different modes of switch:

  • ¬†Switch>
  • Switch >enable
  • Switch#
  • ¬†Switch #configure terminal
  • ¬†Switch(configure)# line console 0
  • ¬†Switch(config-line)#password ccna¬†ConsolePort password
  • Switch(config-line)#login
  • ¬†Switch(config-line)#exit


  • ¬†Switch(configure)#line vty 0
  • Switch(config-line)#password inara¬†Virtual terminal password
  • Switch(config-line)#exit
  • ¬†Switch(configure)#

Switch(configure)#enable password mcse——————Privilege mode password

How to show / view the configuration of switch:

Switch# show running-configure

How to save these configurations:

For saving different commends and configuration is

Switch# Copy running-configure startup-configure        OR

Switch# write mem


How to encrypt the password

Switch(configure)# service password-encryption

How to remove the Password:


To remove the console password as

  • Switch(configure)#line console 0
  • Switch(config-line)#no password
  • Switch(config-line)#exit
  • Switch(configure)#

Now to remove the privilege mode password

witch(configure)#no enable password

Now to remove the virtual terminal password

  • Switch(configure)#line vty 0
  • Switch(config-line)#no password
  • Switch(config-line)#exit
  • Switch(configure)#

And save it

To show these configurations:

Switch# show running-configure


Password recovery:

If we loss the password or other some thing happen then we can recover our password as

  • Turn off the switch
  • Then Turn on the switch
  • ¬†Hold/Press the mode button of the switch for a few seconds until it enter in mini IOS as “switch:”
  • nitialized the flash memory as
  • Switch: flash-init

The password are laying in config directory so delete it as

  • Switch: del flash:config.old
  • Switch: Y (for confirmation press Y for yes)
  • Switch: rename flash:config.text flah:fonfig.old

For checking the directory

  • Switch: dir flash:/

And now boot the IOS as

  • ¬†Switch: boot

And enter to configuration mode and remove the password and save it as

  • Switch> enable
  • Switch# configure terminal
  • Switch(config)# line cons 0
  • Switch(config)# no password
  • Switch (config)# exit
  • Switch #
  • Switch # copy running-configure startup-configure or “write mem”

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