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virtualization administrator for an organization

in 74-409 on April 16, 2014


You are the virtualization administrator for an organization. The organization uses all components of System
Center 2012 R2 in the production environment. A power supply in a Hyper-v host server fails. The host server
continues to run and host virtual machines in this degraded state.
You have the following requirements:
Move virtual machines from host servers that are running in a degraded state to another host server.
Prevent placement of new virtual machines on degraded host servers.
You need to configure the environment.
Which System Center feature should you implement?

A. Dynamic Optimization
B. Performance and Resource Optimization (PRO)
C. Shared VHDX files
D. Placement Rules

Correct Answer: B


A company has offices in Hamburg, New York, and San Francisco. The Hamburg office has one Hyper-V host server named HAM-HOST1. The New York office has two Hyper-V host servers named NYC-HOST1 and NYCHOST2.

The San Francisco office has one Hyper-V host server named SFC-HOST1. All Hyper-V host servers
run Windows Server 2012 R2. You must deploy an application virtual machine (VM) that will be used by the
sales team at the company. You need to ensure that the VM remains available during unplanned system

Which solution should you implement?

A. a Hyper-V cluster that includes NYC-HOST1 and NYC-HOST2
B. Server Message Block (SMB) 3.0 file shares on NYC-HOST1, NYC-HOST2, SFC-HOST1, and HAM-
C. a Distributed File System (DFS) replication between NYC-HOST1, SFC-HOST1, and HAM-HOST1
D. dynamic optimization on NYC-HOST1 and NYC-HOST2

Correct Answer: A


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