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What are the DHCP plans of major client-software vendors?

in DHCP on September 2, 2013

Apple MacOS

MacTCP’s successor, Open Transport, supports DHCP. Open Transport 1.1 ships with System 7.5 Update 2.0 (which updates MacOS to version 7.5.3, released March 11, 1996) and supports any 68030, 68040, or PowerPC Macintosh. A shrink wrap version of Open Transport is planned.

Microsoft Windows95

supports it and does not support BOOTP. I heard a rumor that BOOTP support will be added.

Novell LAN Workplace for DOS

For supporting DOS/Windows 3.1, Client32 for DOS/Windows, due in June 1996, will provide the TCP/IP stack functions and will support DHCP and BOOTP. For Windows 95 and Windows NT, the native stack will be used so that DHCP is supported.

IBM OS/2 Warp

supports it.


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