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BGP Best Path Selection Process

in BGP, blog on January 22, 2015

According to BGP best Path Selection process, here is the order of BGP preference:

  1. Prefers the highest weight
  2. Prefer the Highest local preference
  3. Prefer Locally Originated routes
  4. Prefer the shortest AS path
  5. Prefer the lowest Origin Code
  6. Prefer the Lowest MED value
  7. Prefer the routes learned by EBGP over the routes learned by IBGP
  8. Prefer the routes learned with the lowest router ID

BGP path Selection

  • Keep in Mind the “Weight” attributes is locally significant and is Cisco proprietary, the default value for locally originated routes are 32678
  • The default Local preference attribute value for all learned routes is 100 “IF is not modified”
  • The default Origin Code is “IGP” if learned and advertised by Network Statement, while “Incomplete” If the route is redistributed into BGP
  • The default MED value for all learned route is 0 “Unless modified”, bear in mind MED is compared by default from routed learned from the Same AS number



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