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Anil at 5:46 pm

vce pro password is not working to unzip the file, anobody help

ufdpoint at 6:55 am

Hello Anil,

please download VCE PRO 1.0.1 from http://ciscoforall.com/visual-certexam-vce-pro-1-0-1-free-download/ and password is http://www.ciscoforall.com

question time at 3:27 pm

why would you have a server and switch in the same network

Feisal at 8:30 am

Hey? I downloaded and installed vce exam simulator 1.1.7 and successfully cracked it. When I open my dumps to practice, its giving me socket error #11002. Any advice on how to bypass this?

ufdpoint at 7:27 pm

Faisal this crack working fine. i will update new version soon.

brighton at 8:16 am

Please can you send me the converted vce to pdf latest November 70 – 411 exams to this email address brighton.dezy20@gmail.com

mk at 9:07 pm

same issue. any update to get pass the error. thanks

alain at 10:40 am

I downloaded and installed vce exam simulator 1.1.7 and i did not manage to crack it
due to software acking me login and password
Someone can help me

alain at 10:43 am

System is sking me email and password
what is this matter ?

fernando at 1:55 am

I followed link to download 1.1.7 but it installed 1.1.6 which doesnt allow me to open dumps, please help.

Navi Here at 8:19 pm

Me too I followed link to download 1.1.7 but it installed 1.1.6 which doesnt allow me to open dumps, please help

abu at 5:13 pm

same problem for me, when i open a vce

mustafa at 8:43 pm

Please, any update I have same pictures Abu

Nazneen Nisha at 4:48 am

I was able to install the VCE 1.1.7 but crack is not working. I believe its not updating the demo. Could you help, udfpoint?

kaze at 4:16 pm

i downloaded the earlier version 1.0.2 and put the cracks, when i run the app it asks me to upgrade to the newest version of 1.1.7, one it downloads, the message pops up to provide email and password for new license. Kindly advise

Md. Saidul Islam Talukder at 4:43 am

I download the the version 1.1.7 and install after installed i putted the crack but when i open the software showing a new version of VCE exam simulation is available. current version is 1.1.6 and latest version is 1.1.7. please help me to fix the issue.

Md. Saidul Islm Talukder

Jack at 4:15 pm

Hi, just downloaded and installed the file, but could not open the VCE file. It needs the latest version of 1.1.7. When checked, the installed version is 1.1.6.
This is the link to the VCE file that I was trying to open:

Appreciate if you could help to fix this issue.
Thank you.

santhosh at 1:21 pm

I download the the version 1.1.7 and getting the stream read error for 6th question onwards, please help me to fix the issue.

Infoscion at 9:22 pm

I downloaded version 1.1.7 from given link and copied CRACK files. However, it installed 1.1.6 version on my PC. And now I am being asked to download latest version to open VCE file. Please help me fix this. Thanks!

abhishek at 3:00 pm

I am also facing the same problem described in below comments. 1.1.7 is actually downloading 1.1.6 and is not allowing to open the vce files. thanks to provide a solution soon.

Safeer Saqib at 9:33 am

hi this product is not working

Safeer Saqib at 9:34 am

stream load erro ?

Rod at 6:07 am

The lasted VCE is not v1.1.7 it is 1.1.6, you have noted the wrong version !!!

Aurangzeb at 8:15 pm

all works well for new version of VCE 1.1.7 but it gives error with cracked version once you try to open file ??? any solution ? it gives error stream read error

Vacef at 11:21 am

Unable to run ccda question available in http://www.examcollection.com/640-864.html with VCE 1.1.7.. please help!!

aap at 12:14 pm

still not working…. invalid file (tried different VCE files)

Rafael at 12:57 pm

Hi guys. I have installed the 1.1.7 version, but I’m facing the following issue when a try to open the recent VCE files: “Error retrieving key to decrypt file: Socket Error # 10060 – Connection Timed Out”. Any suggestions here? I appreciate.

assaf at 1:10 pm

hi , im reciving stream read error , any one ????

Sadia Afrose at 8:37 am

Showing Stream read error,what to do?

Orlando at 12:48 pm

Tengo el examen de CCDA el que lo necesite se lo paso en PDF 100% seguro

dj at 10:10 pm

Showing Stream read error,what to do?

khedr at 12:46 pm

is there any software can convert exams to vce 1.0.5 i have exam tomorrow and didn’t study anything till now?

khedr at 12:47 pm

please hellp ASAP.
Email me Plz: khedr21@yahoo.com

a at 1:18 pm

installed that, however, once I copy the crack the software keep saying it is 1.1.6 version but not 1.1.7 and it cannot open files for 1.1.7 (VCE file)

gench at 3:20 pm

I cant open none of the vce files with ver 1.1.7 Socket Error # 10060 I google it tryed a lof of things nothing helps

Mito at 7:33 am

Followed the proceedure and run the fix_reg.bat unfortunately Access
violation at address 00607427 in module player.exe. Read of address 00000270 is displayed.

kuba at 10:39 am

You need internet access. without it app doesn’t work. I tested it on VM without and with internet connection.

Maan at 12:06 pm

i cant open Vce File when i copy crak and paste then error show.after this no open any dumps

Maan at 12:07 pm

is there any help dears?

waly2t at 8:51 pm

i followed up the steps which are mentioned but still the program is not working and giving message that the license needs update , please help

Azerbaijan at 5:53 am

It is the same error((

Azerbaijan at 5:55 am

how it is possible not to prepare new crack for new security system…

RK at 11:21 am

Any fix for stream read error

YOYO at 12:09 pm

Got an error saying the version was currupted or hacked and said to reinstall and try again in 4 hours.
Any suggestions on how to fix this?
Thanks in advance

sam at 2:52 am

hello am getting error

sam at 2:53 am

cant open none of the vce files with ver 1.1.7 Socket Error # 10060 I google it tryed a lof of things nothing helps

Interlude at 3:01 am

after turn sends the message “Request Exam key”

and can not open any vce

g at 3:50 pm

am getting access violation at address 00607427…. and cant open my vce
please help

karim at 2:54 am

hey guys why VCE ver 1.1.7 can’t open after cracked ? Request exam Key … Does it virus or ver 1.1.7 can’t be hacked ???
plz help

ufdpoint at 12:02 pm

i can convert you vce files in pdf.
please send the vce files

Bhaskar at 4:09 pm


Please give me your mail Id. I will send the vce file. It would great help for me. thanks in advance.
My emaild id: soma.bhaskar@gmail.com

waqas at 9:06 pm

same error is persisting…..request Exam key…..plz cisco for all help me to get rid from this problem….

Guest at 7:27 pm
abed at 7:28 pm

🙁 🙁

Grace at 9:32 pm

This is the error I’m getting :'( please help!

Mr An at 3:52 am

I’m too

Ramzi Madi at 7:19 am

Hello guys
what about v 1.2 ??

TT at 9:35 am

Hi gents im also getting errors can you please help

vceuser at 6:17 am

Does somebody succeeded in making this work?

Bhaskar at 4:07 pm

Can anyone please help me. I also getting same error.

omar at 11:02 am

hi , any one has the new update 1.2 coz its not working and giving me an error

ufdpoint at 10:05 pm

Convert VCE file to PDF – http://bit.ly/1zCJqZe

Vladimiros Hatzifotiou at 1:36 pm

Guys, can anyone help me. I have a question. I was studying in academy and passed 2 final tests for 2nd and 4th semesters. I received discount vouchers for 2 exams – ICND1 and ICND2, but i want to give test for CCNA. How can i combine these 2 discounts for getting one CCNA and not ICND1 and ICND2 separately. Is it possible?

Akko at 6:20 am

I have same problem with VCE Player.

ufdpoint at 3:41 pm


please send VCE file. We can convert VCE file to pdf .
charges are 5$ only

Taufeeq Nazar

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