IOS (internetwork Operating system) Modes

IOS (internetwork Operating system) Modes:

IOS or switch accessing modes are steps to access and work on switch. These are three and listed below.

  1. user Mode
  2. privilege Mode
  3. configuration mode

1. user Mode:

User mode in initial stand by mode in which we can see user information. The syntax of the user mode is “switch>”

2. privilege Mode:

This is the second and middle mode, in which we can enter by commend “enable” from user mode. Here we can give commend such like copy, save, show or view the configuration of the switch. The syntax of the privilege mode is “switch#”.

3. Configuration Mode:

Configuration mode is the central mode and all the configuration is take place here. And we enter from privilege mode to configuration mode by commend “configure terminal” and the syntax is “switch(configure)#”.

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