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IP Routing Questions

in New CCNA 200-120 on May 21, 2014

A router receives information about network from multiple sources. What will the router
consider the most reliable information about the path to that network?
A. an OSPF update for network
B. a static router to network
C. a static router to network with a local serial interface configured as the next hop
D. a RIP update for network
E. a directly connected interface with an address of
F. a default route with a next hop address of

Correct Answer: E



ip routing questions

Host A is communicating with the server. What will be the source MAC address of the frames received by Host
A from the server?
A. the MAC address of router interface e0
B. the MAC address of router interface e1
C. the MAC address of the server network interface
D. the MAC address of host A

Correct Answer: A

A router has learned three possible routes that could be used to reach a destination network. One route is from
EIGRP and has a composite metric of 20514560. Another route is from OSPF with a metric of 782. The last is
from RIPv2 and has a metric of 4. Which route or routes will the router install in the routing table?
A. the OSPF route
B. the EIGRP route
C. the RIPv2 route
D. all three routes
E. the OSPF and RIPv2 routes

Correct Answer: B

A router has two FastEthernet interfaces and needs to connect to four vlans in the local network. How can you
accomplish this task, using the fewest physical interfaces and without decreasing network performance?
A. Add two more FastEthernet interfaces.
B. Add a second router to handle the vlan traffic.
C. Use a hub to connect the four vlans with a FastEthernet interface on router.
D. Implement a router-on-a-stick configuration.

Correct Answer: D


Which two are advantages of static routing when compared to dynamic routing? (choose two)
A. Security increases because only the network administrator may change the routing tables.
B. Configuration complexity decreases as network size increases.
C. Routing updates are automatically sent to neighbors.
D. Route summarization is computed automatically by the router.
E. Routing traffic load is reduced when used in stub network links.
F. An efficient algorithm is used to build routing tables using automatic updates.
G. Routing tables adapt automatically to topology changes.

Correct Answer: AE

According to the routing table, where will the router send a packet destined for
Network Interface Next-hop e0 directly connected e1 directly connected s0 directly connected s1 directly connected e0 e1 s0 s1


Correct Answer: C

Which parameter can be tuned to affect the selection of a static route as a backup when a dynamic protocol is
also being used?
A. link bandwidth
B. hop count
C. link cost
D. administrative distance
E. link delay

Correct Answer: D


ip routing questions

After HostA pings HostB, which entry will be in the ARP cache of HostA to support this transmission?

interface address

Correct Answer: D


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