RIP and RIPv2 Comparison


 RIP and RIPv2 Comparison
Classfu l/classless Classful Both
Algorithm Bellman-Ford Bellman-Ford
Metric Hops Hops
Maximum hop count 15 15
Infinite metric 16 16
Hello/dead time 30/1 80 30/1 80
Updates Broadcast Multicast (
Update authentication No Yes
Load balancing Equal paths Equal Paths


RIP Configuration

The configuration for RIP is seamless as long as you remember these two simple rules:

  1. Advertise only your directly connected networks.
  2. Advertise only the classful network.


Router(config-router)#network192.168.7.0 Router(config-router)#network172.17.0.0

RIPv2 Configuration


Router(config-router)#network192.168.7.0 Router(config-router)#network172.17.0.0 Router(config-router)#version2


Verifying and Troubleshooting RIP Commands

Command                                   Output

showiproute                            The routing table with RIP entries represented as “R”

show ipprotocols                  RIP timers, advertised networks

debug iprip                              Real-time display of RIP routing updates being sent and received

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