How to TCP Trace

TCP trace is a utility by which you can trace a destination for a specific TCP port. It is a built in utility in Linux but for Windows it is installed additionally.tcp trace For TCP trace first install WINCAP then copy TCP trace software at C drive and un-compress it. Then run it from command prompt as follows.

C:\>tracetcp “destination IP” -r 6660 6660

Here 6660 is the port for which you want to take trace.

How to run TCP trace:

Step 1 – Notebook or PC should have Admin rights.

Step 2 – Run the utility

Step 3 – Run command prompt as administrator

Step 4 – On C Drive go to Windows, then System32,then go to that directory or folder in which its installed for e.g>>> (C:\>Windows>system32>tracetcp>tracetcp )

Step 5 – Run here with Destination IP address with port numbers placing –r in between destination ip and port # (C:\>tracetcp “destination IP” -r “port #” “port #” ) (C:/>tracetcp -r 6660 6660)

Step 6 – You will get the desire results

Port 6660 6660

Results will be like this:




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