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Short Question CCNA Part 7

in Interview Question on February 9, 2011

63 – What we called 64 Bit Mac-address in IPV6?

EUI= Enhanced universal identifier – 16 bits add in IPv6 so it’s called EUI

64 – What is loop back IP in IPV6?

::1 and ping 6

65- Which command we use for ping in IPv6?

Ping6 source IP -s Destination IP

66- How many types of router?

Two types

i) Modular

ii) Non-Modular

67- When we use Router?

For communication between different networks

68- Which works router Do ?

1- Path selection and

2- Packet Switching {frame relay}

69 – What cable called V.35 ?

Serial Connectivity cable

70- How many types of Ethernet?

4 types

i) Ethernet

ii) Fast Ethernet

iii) Gigabit

iv) 10 Giga.

71 – Which cable called roll-over?

Console access able

72- Which cable we connect in DB-9 ?

Roll over calbe

73- How many ways to access router?

3 ways

i) Telnet (IP)

ii) AUX (Telephone)

iii) Console (cable)

74- What is IOS?

Internet Operating system. Its router’s operating system.

75 – In which IOS version 182 people can access router through telenet ?

Onward 12.2 version

76- Which mode called privilege mode?

Second mode

77- When we use interface mode?

For specific interface commands

78- On Which mode we give debug command?

Privilege mode / live view (2nd mode)


79- Which command we give on privilege mode for coming back to user execution mode?


80- Which mode we can’t skip when we come back from interface mode?

2nd mode we can’t skip

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