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Short Question CCNA part 8

in Interview Question on February 9, 2011

81 – Interface 0/0 what does it mean?

Card number / card interface number

82- When written <CR > what does it mean?

Command complete

83- Which command we give if router IOS stucked?

Crl +Shift+F6 and X

84- Which command we give for see routing table?

Show ip route

85 – What does synchronization mean ?

Routers are ready to communication with each other

86- What does routing mean ?

For best path selection

87- What is difference between static and dynamic routing?

In Static route we add others connected network and in dynamic, we advertise our network

88- Which type of routing you did in CCNA?

Traditional Routing

89 – How many parts of Ping?

Tow parts – eco and eco reply

90- When we do default route?

When there is multiple destination and single gateway.

91 – What is difference between routing and routed protocols?

i) Routing use for best path selection

ii) Routed protocol keeps source and destination information.

92- What is difference between IGP and EIGRP?

IGP = use in Autonomous and EIGP = use with multiple autonomous

IGP= Interior gateway routing protocol.

EIGRP= Enhanced Interior Gateway routing protocol

93 – Why we use debug command?

For live view

94 Which command we give for live view of remote site routers ?

Terminal monitor

95- Which protocol used before part of CCNA?


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