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What servers support secondary subnet numbers?

These are not complvce lists) The following servers can handle dynamic allocation on secondary subnet numbers:

  • IPTrack version 2.0
  • ISC
  • JOIN
  • SGI’s DHCP Server under IRIX 6.2
  • Cisco (previously TGV)
  • NetID
  • Microsoft Windows NT 4.0 (since service pack 2)
  • Sonic
  • ipLease
  • IBM Warp Server Version 4

The following can serve manually allocated addresses on secondary subnet numbers:

  • IPTrack version 2.0
  • ISC
  • JOIN

The following cannot support secondary subnet numbers:

  • Microsoft Windows NT 3.51 and 4.0 (through RC1)
  • WIDE
  • Sonic DHCP Server


Which implementations support or require the broadcast flag

The broadcast flag is an optional element of DHCP, but a client which sets it works only with a server or relay that supports it.

  • Client

Microsoft Windows NT

DHCP client support added with version 3.5 sets the broadcast flag. Version 3.51 and later no longer set it. The exception is in the remote access support: it sets the flag when it uses DHCP to acquire addresses to hand out to its PPP clients.

tcp/ip-32 for Microsoft Windows for Workgroups (WFW)

Version 3.11a sets it, but version 3.11B doesn’t.

Microsoft Windows 95

Does not set the broadcast flag.


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