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VTP (virtual trunking protocol)

in Networking Notes on May 23, 2013

It consistent VLAN configuration across all switches in the network.VLAN trunking over mixed networks, suck as Ethernet ATM LAN or even FDDI.

It accurate tracking and monitoring of VLANs.

Plug and play VLAN adding

Switch port have Tow modes:

  1. Access Mode:

Access mode is used for security purpose

  1. Trunk Mode:

Trunk mode is used for traffic from one switch vlan to other switch vlan.

For Example:



We want to make vlan configuration in switch1 and copy it to switch2 automatically. As

  • Switch1# vlan database or (vlan d)
  • Switch1(vlan)# vlan 2 name IT
  • Switch1(vlan)# vlan 3 name HR
  • Switch1(vlan)# exit
  • Switch1(conf)# int range fa 0/1 – 8
  • Switch1(conf_if)# switchport access vlan 2
  • Switch1(conf_if)# exit
  • Switch1(conf)# int range fa 0/9 – 15
  • Switch1(conf_if)# switchport access vlan 3
  • Ä  Switch(conf_if)# exit
  • Trunk port is used for sending data from one switch to other
  • Switch1(conf)# in fa 0/24
  • Ä  Switch1(conf_if)# switchport mode trunk
  • Switch1(conf_if)# exit

Now configure VTP domain on switch1 as

  • Switch1(conf)# vtp domain inara
  • Switch1(conf)# vtp mode server
  • Switch1(conf)# exit

Now on switch2 do the following configuration

  • Switch2(conf)# vtp domain inara
  • Switch2(conf)# vtp mode client
  • Switch2(conf_if)# int fa 0/24
  • Switch2(conf_if)# switchport mode trunk
  • Switch2(conf_if)#no shutdown
  • Switch2(conf_if)# exit
  • Switch2(conf)#exit
  • Switch2#show vlan

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