How to Make a Network Cable

  • Unroll the required length of network cable and add a little extra wire, just in case.
  • Carefully remove the outer jacket of the cable.

There are two methods set by the TIA (Telecommunications Industry Association.), 568A and 568B. Which one you use will depend on what is being connected. A straight-through cable is used to connect two different-layer devices (e.g. a hub and a PC). Two like devices normally require a cross-over cable. The difference between the two is that a straight-through cable has both ends wired identically with 568B, while a cross-over cable has one end wired 568A and the other end wired 568B.



Straight-through Cable

568B – Put the wires in the following order, from left to right:

  • white orange
  • orange
  • white green
  • blue
  • white blue
  • green
  • white brown
  • brown

568A – from left to right:


Cross-over Cable


  • white/green
  • green
  • white/orange
  • blue
  • white/blue
  • orange
  • white/brown
  • brown

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