What is Frame Relay

Frame Relay is a WAN technology, it is used for communication. Frame relay is an industry standard, shared across, best effort, switch Data Link layer encapsulation that services multiple virtual circuits and protocols between connected mechanisms.


Frame Relay Terminologies:

1. Local-Access-Rate: 

Form 64- 2MB. It is a required bandwidth

2. Virtual Circuit

It is used for connection to a station

Types of VC:

  • PVC (Permanent Virtual Circuit)

           It is a dedicated line, which is used permanently

  • SVC (Switch Virtual Circuit)

           It is used when data is flowing.

3. Committed information Rate:

      Frame relay works by providing a portion of dedicated bandwidth to each user, and it also allows the user to exceed their guaranteed bandwidth if resources on the Telco network happen to be available. Frame Relay providers allow customers to buy a lower amount of bandwidth than what they really use.

 4. Data Link Connection Identifier:

It is a value which is used in virtual circuit.

5. Local Management Interface:

It is used to establish connection between Frame Relay switch and client router.

 Configuration of a Router in a Frame Relay environment:

  • Router(config)# int so
  • Router(config_if)# ip address
  • Router(cofnig_if)# encapsulation frame-relay
  • Router(config_if)# frame-relay lmi-type ansi
  • Router(config_if)# no shut
  • Router(config_if)# exit

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