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Router Basics Learn Step by Step

in CCNA part on May 27, 2013

Router is layer 3 switch. It used for routing.

To Set Banner on Router:

  • Router>enable
  • Router# configure terminal
  • Router(config)# banner motd # Welcome To You #
  • Router(config)# exit
  • Router# exit

Welcome To You

  • Router>enable

Password recovery:

Password recovery is used to recover the password.

Note: the default registry value is “0x2102” remember.

Turn off the router

Turn on the router

Press Ctrl + page Break to enter

Rommon1> confreg 0x2141



Router# conf terminal

Change or remove the password from console, privilege and vty mode

Router(conf)# configure-register 0x2102

Router(conf)# exit

Router# write mem                           to save the configuration

Cisco Router


Interfaces of Router:

  1. Ethernet 0 or Fast Ethernet 0/0:    this port is used to connect LAN through GJ-45 Straight cable.
  2. AUI (Attachment Unit Interface): it is used to connect LAN. Transceivers and straight cable is used for connecting LAN.
  3. Serial 0. 1: Serial 0 and Serial 1 is used to connect Router or External Modem with Router. V.35 Cable is used for connecting.
  4. Console port: Console port is used for configuration.

Routing Table:

  1.             Static routing table
  2.             Dynamic routing table

In Static routing the network administrator hand type the path for routing.

And in Dynamic routing a protocol on one router communicates with same protocol on another router to select path.

For Dynamic routing the following routing protocol is used.

  1. Distance Vector routing protocol
  2. Link state routing protocol
  3. Hybrid routing protocol

Distance Vector Routing Protocol:

Distance vector routing protocol work on Hope (no of Router) count method. It will select that path on which less no of router laying in the way to reach the destination.

Distance vector routing protocol are:


Link state routing protocol:

It selects that path which is more reliable and have more band width. It also works on the selection of the shortest path to the destination not on number of router count.

Link state routing protocol is:

  • OSPF

Hybrid routing protocol:

Hybrid routing protocol work on both distance vector and link state. It also selects the shortest path and also number of hope router).


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